I'm Sajid Peña. I'm from Manila, Philippines. I'm a blogger, photographer and a filmmaker. I enjoy travelling and see different places. I love to eat, drinks and party, too. And most of all, I love David Bowie.

I would really appreciate it if you can write and leave comments to any of my articles that you may find interesting or otherwise. Or email me if I have written inaccurate information about an issue or a person.


I’m blogging because it helps me improve my own thoughts and opinions by asking how and why on different issues and getting involved in discussions via comments, which are very informative and thought provoking.

I find it effective – expressing my thoughts in writing, to improve myself. Although I have lots of ideas and opinions about certain issues, they don’t have any precise shape or form until I start putting those in writing.

I also love new experiences each day. These experiences bring me closer to my potential, and push me to learn something new each day.

Also, blogging has essentially dissolved boundaries allowing me to instantly access viewpoint of people all over the world, which would never have been possible with any other activity.

This blog made me constantly trying to catch up with the blogging community on a daily basis because I want to be good at what I am doing and this has forced me to read a lot more that I would have done otherwise.