“Graduates from Adamson University are 99.9% top-ranking in any board exams!” said CHED Commissioner Nona S. Ricafort, Ph. D.

No wonder that many parents from the upper class in Manila send their children to study in Adamson University. The tuition fee is a little but the education their children get is excellent.

The population of the university is more or less 15,000 students this school year. Half of them are new enrollees, and most of these kids are from the prominent families in Metro Manila. Only few are from various provinces in the country and mostly, they are politician’s children studying law, engineering, business management, or mass communication.

There are so many courses to choose from and all of these courses are globally competitive, as it has been proven that Adamson University has the highest amount of top ranking board examinees in every course among other universities in the Philippines.

“It’s not about the money. When my son finished his studies, I saw the great benefits of it right away. Now, he’s working in the biggest company in the Philippines,” said one mother of an alumnus.
Surely, decades from now, most companies will only employ workers who graduated from Adamson University. Few more years, most employees working in big firms will be graduates of Adamson University.

**Article written in Feature Writing class in Adamson University (Mass Communication Department) – 2011

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