One of the youngest and most noteworthy correspondents in our time, Mr. Joseph Madrigal, 25 years old and has already travelled half of the world interviewing a wide range of prominent people, in his quest to gather news and information, and tell the truth to the world.

His tale is one of the more unusual stories that have been publicized. It was a year since his graduation when he was not doing anything and could not get a job. He applied to the biggest television networks in the Philippines, but to no avail. He had no luck, and little prospect of securing any position.

Since he had so much time on his hands, he spent much of it online looking for work, but increasingly more on social networking sites. Mainly communicating with his friends who would post photos of themselves staying in different places throughout the Philippines. Throughout that time, he was still living with his parents. However, when he was online, he blogged about what was happening in the country. He wrote anything that was current and meaningful, not the usual nonsense on so many profiles. He then posted on his social networking accounts each time he makes a blog entry. He constantly updates his accounts. He had various blog sites of different topics aimed at different audiences, with varying views. All of which were a great success.

“It took me about six months before I realised that the number of readers of my blogs, and people who enjoy my articles were increasing!” said Eduardo.

This gave him tremendous self-fulfillment during the time he was down on his luck, and depressed about his lack of job prospects. Then, out of the blue, someone from a news network sent him an email asking I he would like to go for an interview.

“There’s something very witty we liked about this guy,” said the network manager of the news company, when asked about Mr. Madrigal.

And, this was the start of Joseph’s successful journey. But, before we ended our conversation, he told me:

“Recently, I checked my Facebook account to catch up with what everyone is doing nowadays. I was appalled to see some of the posts and shouts of my friends in my news feed. Most of them posted such silly or trivial things, but more worse, the made posts that spew hatred against others. I think this is not the meaning of social networking. Isn’t it much more worthwhile to use Facebook for something beneficial to yourself and to your friends?”

That said it. I guess people who do the same will oppose, but well, that is his opinion. Unfortunately, I agree with him.

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