“Devil worshippers…” whispered the man next to me, after watching the news on TV about RH Bill supporters demonstrating in the Senate of the Philippines.

I would have explained to him that if some people support the RH Bill, it does not mean that they are devil worshippers. Alternatively, we also know that it doesn’t make you a more moral person if you are averse to the RH Bill.

If my stand is for the RH Bill, this does not define me as an immoral or bad person, arguably it makes me a more responsible and caring person in comparison to those mindless and ill-informed people that oppose it.

THE RH Bill is a reproductive health bill that aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care in the Philippines. The RH Bill does not (as many people mistakenly believe) promote abortion. Its aim is to create awareness amongst Filipinos about the country’s rapidly increasing population, and address the relevant factors.

In the past, it would have been taboo to even mention the word ‘condom’ in the Philippines. Much worse to openly debate sexual issues publicly. But this is the 21st century and being the 12th most populous country with a staggering 101,833,938 million population compared to 60,703 million just 30 years ago – NOW is the time to act!

In my opinion we need to educate every Filipino, to help alleviate the country from plummeting even further into extensive poverty. As the population grows, so does the level of poverty, but how can we educate all of them? Just this 2011 school year, there were not enough classrooms to accommodate all the school children! Before we even start to educate them we need to provide more classrooms and teachers, and offer more books that provide sexual education for every grade school student. Could this be a good start?

Unsurprisingly the Philippine Catholic Church is resisting the RH Bill. Do they have the right to meddle with state affairs? Is it not because of their outdated sermons that the Philippines is burdened with such poverty? When will they accept modernity and realise their unwavering stance is causing misery amongst the very people they are meant to guide and protect? If we continue to allow the church to keep people ignorant in family planning matters, more and more children will be born into families that cannot afford to feed and clothe them.

A colleague once asked me, “Why don’t we give every newborn child to the Catholic Church to feed them?”

The church would reply, “No, we already have too many to feed. We need more donations for the church.”

Bollocks! They are more concerned with maintaining their wealth and power, but what about the rest? They are eating good food whilst the rest of the country starves.

It really made me laugh when Carlos Celdran waved a placard written ‘Damaso’ before the mass in Manila Cathedral. ‘Damaso’ is the antagonist character in Noli Me Tangere of Jose Rizal. It’s just so right.


The Philippines has a population of 101.8 million. It’s ALREADY over-populated.

Women are NOT made for childbearing and child rearing only. They should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of physical intimacy while maintaining a successful and productive career if they choose to do so.

To counteract the Catholic Church wishing every woman to be impregnated each time they engage in sex, unlike Virgin Mary who conceived without having sex at all.

Population decline helps strengthen the economy of a country. Take a look at just two particular examples within Southeast Asia – Japan and Singapore.

Having many children is NOT an asset, unless you own a big shopping mall or an airline company. But even successful people only have a few children. Maybe you could sell your babies to make money? Only then would a bigger family be considered as an asset.

The Catholic Church asserts that the RH Bill will encourage immoral activities. Are they of the belief that no single Filipino engages in pre-marital and/or extra-marital affairs currently? Do they honestly think that if RH Bill is passed, most Filipinos will grab a condom, and before long the whole country will be participating in a national orgy?

The RH Bill will NOT teach children to have pre-marital sex. Ironically it will help prevent so many single Filipino girls having unwanted pregnancies or teen pregnancies.

Its interesting to note the hypocritical attitude of the priests, bishops, and men of clergy who oppose the bill, when it is well known how expert they are when it comes to having sex – the legendary masters of erotic affairs.

The Catholic Church wants to continue manipulating the country and bury the destructive truth about their religion. Why can’t they be fair to the people? Their minds are as devilish as their actions and narrative.

But above all else, the primary goal of the RH Bill yearns freedom and choice for women. In the third wave of feminism, let’s give our sisters, our girl friends, our cousins and every Filipino woman an educated choice. And along the way, help all straight and gay men to live freely, with low expectation of infecting or being infected with HIV.

Let’s get the RH Bill passed!

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