MANILA could be a great place to take a walk. In the late afternoon, when the sun is almost down, and the heat of the day dissipated, what better time to take a leisurely stroll and observe the hustle and bustle of our streetlife. There is often a cooling breeze, particularly blowing in from the Baywalk, near where I live.

A few weeks ago, I walked along Adriatico Street on my way to Robinson’s Place Shopping Mall. The road is actually quite clean and well maintained, maybe because of the big Pan Pacific hotel taking prime position along it. A bit further down there are the usual smaller shops - offering laundry services, moneychangers, and Viagra vendors loitering on the corner.

Just after passing the old decorative Chinese Temple, opposite the Pan Pacific, the sidewalk is blocked! The Hostel 1632 has decided to obstruct the public sidewalk with their pots of unpleasant looking green plants. It wouldn't matter so much if they had placed these unnecessary and unattractive obstructions before the sidewalk, on their ample parking area, but instead they have chosen to be totally inconsiderate to pedestrians, which are now forced to walk in the road in front of approaching traffic!

I’m not sure if they think their hotel owns that pavement, or if their manager is just stupid.

G I V E   U S   B A C K   O U R   S I D E W A L K !

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  1. The LGU of Malate should act! This is outrageous!