Far away there is a hot exotic land called Singland. It was named after King Sing II, who was an ambitious and power hungry ruler from another nation who had sent his devout followers to conquer the indigenous inhabitants of Singland and open it up for trade. Prior to being called Singland there had been many names given to this formation of lush and fertile islands, but the name Singland resonated with the its people as they were well known for their three favourite pastimes – Eating, Sleeping and Singing. King Sing II had very strong beliefs, and in the name of his faith he sent armies to many different lands all across the globe, not just Singland, to help spread his gospel. And although the teachings of his faith were designed to encourage peace and love to all fellowmen, it seemed he was willing to slaughter anybody who may happen to have alternative views.

And so it was, that Singland became occupied by King Sing’s conquistadors for many, many years. In particular they chose to settle in the North of Singland. The South was a more hostile territory, which previously had been ruled by Sultans and Datu’s who were not willing to concede their native land to outside invading forces quite so readily as their Northern neighbours. Occasionally, the Northern indigenous people rose up against their foreign intruders, but their rebellions were quickly quashed. There was one man in particular who stood up, a brilliant, brave and bright scholar. Peacefully, he continuously questioned the legitimacy of these invaders ruling over his fellow countrymen. However, he was eventually silenced in the face of a firing squad at the young age of 35.

The vassal’s of King Sing II that were sent to Singland to spread the word of his faith, were chosen for their high moral standing and celibacy. However, once they arrived in Singland they soon realized how far away from both their homeland and controlling master they were. Many of them became corrupt and took the law into their own hands. They behaved brutally towards the native people, and broke their vows of celibacy. They took local mistress’s, and very soon a new population was being born, a breed of bastards with mixed blood.

This continued for 300 years, the people of Singland being suppressed with the gospel of King Sing so much, that it had become part of everyday life, it was now a part of their psyche. They had become true believers, unwilling to accept an existence without it. During this 300 years, the outside world had changed considerably, and King Sing II had long since died. His home nation was no longer the superior force it use to be, and now his successors had foolishly gone to war with another more dominant power, and after just 4 months of conflict, they had been forced to surrender several parts of their empire, including Singland in exchange for peace and gold.

Initially, the people of Singland were overjoyed, their singing became even more melodious and beautiful as they welcomed the arrival of their new liberators, but it soon became apparent that these liberators had ideas of their own, and granting Singland its independence was not one of them. These liberators had kindly faces, but behind their smiles and generous words, lay an obsessive aggression for acquiring territory for their own benefit. Once the Singers got wind of this, they soon stopped harmonizing and began to fight. The liberators (or Patriots as they called themselves) were taken by surprise at the bloody opposition they faced, they had not envisaged such stubborn grittiness from this normally passive, happy and friendly race. Fighting the locals, cost the Patriots far more in lives and money than it had getting rid of King Sing’s Army. This bitter conflict went on for 3 years before the Singers and their uninvited guests – the Patriots, settled down and mapped out a more peaceful coexistence.

For the next 39 years life was pretty good in Singland, the singers and the Patriots living together in a fairly amicable way, until suddenly all hell let loose. A vast world battle had erupted a couple of years before, which Singland had no part in, but now it was spilling out on to their shores. Within 3 weeks the Patriots had fled with their tails between their legs like scolded dogs, and in their place arrived the most sadistic invaders to have ever landed on Singland soil. The next few years in the history of Singland were probably their most distressing. Because of the sadistic nature and sad looking eyes of their latest invaders, the Singers gave them the name Sadinese. The Sadinese ruled Singland for over 3 years, installing a puppet as its president which they controlled. Many Singers were tortured and killed during this time, until eventually huge numbers of Patriots returned and a massive sea battle took place between them and the Sadinese, while on land the Singers also fought against the Sadinese, forcefully repelling them from their islands for good, and at last achieving their rightful independence from any foreign nation.

Unfortunately the old fashioned teachings of the faith indoctrinated in them from King Sing’s henchmen, has fuelled the rapidly growing population of Singland, and in turn plummeted them into poverty, as there are just too many mouths to feed. And in order to survive the years and years of colonization, the people have absorbed corruption as part of their everyday life, allowing the rich to become richer and the majority to lead poor and wretched lives. It is time for the Singers to stop praying for a better future, and start acting. They can still follow their beliefs, but take a good look outside and see how others have modernized their views, and adapted their faith to fit the 21st Century. And it is time to say no more corruption. The people who serve you are elected by you, you have the power to change them. We no longer want public servants that are there to feed their own nests, we no longer want law enforcers that bully and stink of extortion. These are the very people we should trust and be able to turn to when in trouble. Stop being submissive, stand up and SING! 

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