Art is an expression and application of human creativity, skill, and imagination - producing visual work that affects human senses, emotions and intellect.

If you are an artist, your imagination should deviate from the traditional thinking to evince artistry. Your creativeness must not be limited for the sake of art. It ought to have no boundaries.

Nevertheless, art is in the eye of the beholder. The painting of Mona Lisa by Da Vinci in Louvre Museum is appreciated and loved by many people, though when I visited and I saw it for myself, I found it disappointing, and it held little appeal for me. But I gasped when I saw the painting, Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. It is a painting of Adam naked extending his left arm to God and his angels on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Art depends on how we interpret it. Art should not be restricted or created just to suit certain tastes. There will always be those who do not appreciate a particular piece, but that doesn’t mean it should not have been produced. Art is an expression of thoughts. It conveys a certain message to a variety of individuals depending on our evaluation.

There are a few places in the world that some people may consider art and creativeness has gone beyond acceptable or decent limitations.

There is the Vigelandsparken Park in Oslo, Norway which features sculptures of men, women, and kids all naked, interacting and participating in different actions.

The Statue of Pan With Goat in Pompeii, Italy depicts a man copulating with a goat.

The Statue of Poseidon in Athens, Greece where he stands naked whilst he looks at his extended left arm, and his right arm is slightly higher at the other end.

The Loveland Park in Jeju, Korea where you will find a gigantic sculpture of a woman who is bending backwards showing her right breast, her left hand is on her belly, and her legs are crossed, so as not to show her private part. It also features climbable breast mountains with nipples on top, a 33-foot stone penis, people sculptures giving each other oral sex, a glory hole, and dildos with interactive buttons.

What is obscene and what is decent? Should we not consider these art forms crude and indecent?

A sensual billboard ad should be necessary and relevant at any time and any situation. Art in the Philippines is still a question of morality. In that way, are we saying that Michelangelo, Raphael or Leonardo da Vinci immoral for painting naked men and women?

However, some advertisers put sensual billboards to attract and persuade the public to buy their products. Although, I have nothing against exploring creativity, it ought to have relevance. The ad is not factual if it uses elements that are unnecessary. Why would you make a billboard ad featuring a woman showing her breasts when the product you are promoting is shoes or trousers?

Many advertisers use sensual presentations in their billboard ads in the Philippines. A method to evoke sexual desire and consumer attention towards the products, believing that this technique would increase sale and gain better profits on their products.

Personally, I consider sensual billboard ads too much when they are used to promote unconnected merchandise. It is also inappropriate when the endorser shows more of himself or herself rather than the product. I have always thought that the product is more important than the endorser but what is happening is the other way around. It is all about gaining more sales and profits.

At the end of the day, it differs on how we righteously judge what is ethical with our moral judgment. But will you conform to what society tells you?

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