Blood is thicker than water, but I don’t believe so. As a media practitioner, I seek to establish credibility on the path I am taking, and in every thing I do. One of the vital roles of good journalism is to tell the truth; hence I have to be ethical. Media favors equality for everyone in order to achieve justice. As a media practitioner, it is my obligation to be fair, brave and factual in telling the truth. It is also my job to tell a story, and present an issue without prejudice. It is my duty to give all sides of the story an equal hearing.

Although in some situations, this can be hard. A problem can arise if a choice has to be decided between work and blood. But shouldn’t an individual set aside relationship and prioritize our prime concerns? It could be hard I know. Though, I opt to do what I think is ethical. But of course, an individual’s interpretation on what is right or what is wrong is based on our different personal set of values and life experiences.

Nevertheless, if you accept a responsibility, DO NOT BEND THE RULES. There are instances when family or friends might be involved, and you wouldn't be able to justify what is fair instantly. But come to think of it, a duty is a duty, and a responsibility is a responsibility unless you want to be amoral doing your job. My ethical beliefs and practices taught me how to do right, and excel in my career. I want to prove my integrity in this profession.

For all of that, I do not think I am writing this article to try and convince the world how perfect I am. No, I am not perfect, but I am trying to be the best I can. Not perfect but at least as close as I can get to the meaning of it. I am neither running for presidency, nor any position in the politics. I am providing a suggestion to help someone, should they ever come to a point that they have to choose between family and work. I ALWAYS do my best, and follow the code of ethics that a media practitioner should live by.

In my opinion, if everyone practices being ethical in their chosen profession, it will help us perform our duties and obligations to our best ability, and contribute to the improvement of the country, wouldn’t it? Most importantly however should be the thorough teaching of ethics in politics.

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