Money or an income has a dramatic impact on a woman’s freedom. If a woman is not going out to work, her life would be far more restricting. Employment provides not only a salary, but also a social environment that a woman can enjoy and be a part of.

A career woman is far more liberated and free to choose the direction of her life.  We studied the feminine mystique of Betty Friedan, and I learnt that most women at that time felt that their role in society was being a mother or woman in the house. It was the norm and women just assumed that role. Nowadays they have more of a choice, whether to be a housewife or to pursue a career.

The benefits of pursuing a career and earning an income, means they become financially independent. This allows them to make far more decisions for themselves, and not be influenced by a partner or others. I believe it can alter their personality in a positive way. They probably feel far more confident and free. Even their self-esteem would be higher, as they are likely to be playing a more important role in society by contributing to the workplace. And in return they are rewarded with not just an income, but hopefully they own self-satisfaction and the gratitude of an employer.  

A housewife may well be happy, but does she really feel fulfilled in the same way a career woman does? A housewife would obviously spend more time at home, but having no income would probably leave her feeling even more trapped in the house. Financially she would not be able to go out shopping as much, or to meet friends for lunch, join a gym, go on holiday, or numerous other activities that having her own money would allow. Her options are far more limited, and therefore her life might be emptier and not so exciting. 

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