1. Turn on your DSLR Nikon camera
  2. Press WB button on the left part of the screen
  3. Wait until “Pre” comes up on the side screen
  4. Point to a white colour
  5. Press shutter
  6. You will see “Good” on the side screen
  7. You are now ready to shoot with correct white balance!


Have you tried posting a link in comments before?
Well, this post will give you an idea on how to do it.
This is the code that you’ll need to type into the comment box.

<a href="URL"> Title </a>

Replace the URL to your own URL, and TITLE to whatever word you’d like it to appear. Easy and simple. Enjoy!


Amongst the more unscrupulous, social media provides an easy outlet for creating drama and chaos. It has become a thrilling playground for those people wishing to exploit others. Fortunately these social media predators are in the minority, and on the flip side of the coin there are a vast number of people who gain numerous benefits from it.

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Many students benefit from social media, such as sharing thoughts, homework, group pictures and holiday photos. Communication has been made so much easier with the onset of all the different social media networks. It is simple to relay a message to each other just by creating a page, community, group, or posting on your wall. Social media has helped connect people from all around the globe. Imagine how easy it is now to ‘friend’ somebody from the opposite side of the world.


Of all the social media networks, Facebook has to be the most utilized. Facebook currently has 800 million active users, and this number has grown daily ever since it was introduced on 4th February 2004. Since its launch there have been several cases of fraud and other inflammatory behaviour. Problems with people posting indecent photos on other users accounts, or hacking into accounts and notifying friends that he/she just died. These are just some of the disadvantages of social media. It is open to abuse by those who derive pleasure from its misuse.

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Arguably one of social media’s greatest contributions to the world is the vital part it has played in liberating and uniting the people in the Middle East. Social media helped to educate and inform them. It gave them the ability to amass huge crowds of protesters in one place within a very short period of time. To reach out to their fellow countrymen and appeal for support, and provide the voice that gave them the strength and courage they needed to rise up and fight for liberation from tyranny. Without its help, there is little doubt that the Middle East uprising could not have succeeded. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali would still be in power in Tunisia after 23 years. Hosni Mubarak would still have complete control of Egypt after 29 years, and Muammar Gaddafi would still be alive and abusing both power and human rights after 43 years. Because of the ease with which this new platform of communication provides, people are far more interconnected than they have ever been before, and it is this ability to be able to rally a whole country that surely must be a worry for any government.

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Last July 2011, I visited Beijing. Facebook has long been banned in China. As a person who lives with social media all around me, it felt strange not logging onto Facebook for a whole week. I felt disconnected from the world. What are the reasons for the government of China blocking Facebook and some other social media networks? This is a country well known for its human rights abuse. The Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989 provided blatant proof that any social rebellion would not be tolerated. It is therefore not to difficult to imagine how nervous the Chinese authorities would be if they allowed to much access to social media networks.


There is no denying the power of social media; it is immense if we know how to use it. There are those who are critical of the amount of time people spend on it. To me it is not squandering my time. It permits us to study from each other, to construct relationships and maintain them. It can be viewed as an educational pastime. It allows us to connect with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and beliefs. And through simple communication with each other our understanding and attitudes improve.


Here it comes, explore the limits of your iPhone by jailbreaking and unlocking it. Firstly, I shall explain the difference between jailbreak and unlock.

JAILBREAK – this allows you to install apps to your iPhone from other sites aside from Apple Store.
UNLOCK – this allows you to use different mobile SIM cards such as Verizon or AT&T aside from the number that came with your iPhone.

Secondly, you should know the difference between a tethered and an untethered jailbreak.

TETHERED JAILBREAK – this means that the jailbreak on your iPhone is undone if you reboot the phone – in other words, you must connect your phone to your PC or Mac to properly boot it.
UNTETHERED JAILBREAK – this is the gold standard, because you don't need to muck about with any of that nonsense.

At the moment, the available jailbreak for iOS 5 is TETHERED. And to jailbreak your iPhone, you will need a tool to modify your iOS 5 on your iPhone.

The latest version is Redsn0w 0.9.9b6 for Mac users. Some Windows users have also reported success with the Sn0wbreeze tool. Prior to that, you will need to upgrade your iTunes to version 10.5, and must download the IPSW file.

Before you start, you should back up your iPhone in iTunes.
Read and understand all the warnings, both here and in the linked articles. Neither I, nor Computerworld are responsible for anything you choose to do with your iPhone – ONLY YOU ARE. 

STOP iTunes to update automatically.
STOP iTunes to automatically update your iPhone (iOS updates will undo jailbreak).
PLUG your iPhone directly into a USB socket on your Mac or PC's case.
UNLUG other USB devices plugged into your Mac or PC.
USE a genuine Apple USB cable.
BE PATIENT. (It usually takes longer than what you think. Wait. 

Redsn0w: Click HERE for the guide to jailbreak your iPhone. 
Sn0wbreeze: Click HERE for the guide to jailbreak your iPhone.

After jailbreaking, you should see an app called CYDIA. Open that and start downloading! ENJOY!

FACT: Jailbreak and Unlock are both legal and it does not encourage or supper app piracy.



Greg Scott's Compendium of the Weird and Wonderful: Greg's Driving Advice


The achievement of Miss Shamcey Supsup becoming third runner-up in the Miss Universe 2011 contest in Såo Paolo, Brazil made Filipinos all around the world very happy. Though certainly there may have been some disappointment with the result because, for them, she could have been the crowned queen.

She was asked, “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?”

She answered, “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person that I love, because the first person that I love is God who created me, and I have my faith and my principles, and these are what makes me who I am, and if that person loves me, he should love my God too, Thank you.”

The first time you hear her answer, it appears to be a good response to such a question. Especially during the pageant, which she answered straight away, with no English interpreter, and that surely made Filipinos very proud of her. However, in my opinion, her answer comes across as being rather selfish.

I respect other people’s personal principles about religion. Miss Supsup's answer implies that she wouldn’t change her religious beliefs for someone she loves; rather he should change and embrace her religion. Isn’t that selfish? It doesn’t sound right at all to me. If her boyfriend does not believe in God, then there is no chance she is going to marry him. Where is the love?

If I were to answer that question, it will be, “No, I would not change my religious beliefs to marry the person I love, and she shouldn’t have to change hers either, even if they were very different from my own. I love her because of who she is, and religion should not be a reason to divide us. Even in our modern world, religious beliefs has been responsible for wars, death, famine and partition in humanity; I would not let our cultural differences and religious beliefs ruin our friendship.”


Art is an expression and application of human creativity, skill, and imagination - producing visual work that affects human senses, emotions and intellect.

If you are an artist, your imagination should deviate from the traditional thinking to evince artistry. Your creativeness must not be limited for the sake of art. It ought to have no boundaries.

Nevertheless, art is in the eye of the beholder. The painting of Mona Lisa by Da Vinci in Louvre Museum is appreciated and loved by many people, though when I visited and I saw it for myself, I found it disappointing, and it held little appeal for me. But I gasped when I saw the painting, Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. It is a painting of Adam naked extending his left arm to God and his angels on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Art depends on how we interpret it. Art should not be restricted or created just to suit certain tastes. There will always be those who do not appreciate a particular piece, but that doesn’t mean it should not have been produced. Art is an expression of thoughts. It conveys a certain message to a variety of individuals depending on our evaluation.

There are a few places in the world that some people may consider art and creativeness has gone beyond acceptable or decent limitations.

There is the Vigelandsparken Park in Oslo, Norway which features sculptures of men, women, and kids all naked, interacting and participating in different actions.

The Statue of Pan With Goat in Pompeii, Italy depicts a man copulating with a goat.

The Statue of Poseidon in Athens, Greece where he stands naked whilst he looks at his extended left arm, and his right arm is slightly higher at the other end.

The Loveland Park in Jeju, Korea where you will find a gigantic sculpture of a woman who is bending backwards showing her right breast, her left hand is on her belly, and her legs are crossed, so as not to show her private part. It also features climbable breast mountains with nipples on top, a 33-foot stone penis, people sculptures giving each other oral sex, a glory hole, and dildos with interactive buttons.

What is obscene and what is decent? Should we not consider these art forms crude and indecent?

A sensual billboard ad should be necessary and relevant at any time and any situation. Art in the Philippines is still a question of morality. In that way, are we saying that Michelangelo, Raphael or Leonardo da Vinci immoral for painting naked men and women?

However, some advertisers put sensual billboards to attract and persuade the public to buy their products. Although, I have nothing against exploring creativity, it ought to have relevance. The ad is not factual if it uses elements that are unnecessary. Why would you make a billboard ad featuring a woman showing her breasts when the product you are promoting is shoes or trousers?

Many advertisers use sensual presentations in their billboard ads in the Philippines. A method to evoke sexual desire and consumer attention towards the products, believing that this technique would increase sale and gain better profits on their products.

Personally, I consider sensual billboard ads too much when they are used to promote unconnected merchandise. It is also inappropriate when the endorser shows more of himself or herself rather than the product. I have always thought that the product is more important than the endorser but what is happening is the other way around. It is all about gaining more sales and profits.

At the end of the day, it differs on how we righteously judge what is ethical with our moral judgment. But will you conform to what society tells you?


Blood is thicker than water, but I don’t believe so. As a media practitioner, I seek to establish credibility on the path I am taking, and in every thing I do. One of the vital roles of good journalism is to tell the truth; hence I have to be ethical. Media favors equality for everyone in order to achieve justice. As a media practitioner, it is my obligation to be fair, brave and factual in telling the truth. It is also my job to tell a story, and present an issue without prejudice. It is my duty to give all sides of the story an equal hearing.

Although in some situations, this can be hard. A problem can arise if a choice has to be decided between work and blood. But shouldn’t an individual set aside relationship and prioritize our prime concerns? It could be hard I know. Though, I opt to do what I think is ethical. But of course, an individual’s interpretation on what is right or what is wrong is based on our different personal set of values and life experiences.


Money or an income has a dramatic impact on a woman’s freedom. If a woman is not going out to work, her life would be far more restricting. Employment provides not only a salary, but also a social environment that a woman can enjoy and be a part of.

A career woman is far more liberated and free to choose the direction of her life.  We studied the feminine mystique of Betty Friedan, and I learnt that most women at that time felt that their role in society was being a mother or woman in the house. It was the norm and women just assumed that role. Nowadays they have more of a choice, whether to be a housewife or to pursue a career.


The “No Smoking in Public Places Policy” implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) can honestly be considered as very beneficial for the public and for the environment. MMDA wants to promote a smoke-free environment where everyone is protected from the hazards of secondhand smoke in all enclosed workplaces and public areas, including restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues. This is because second-hand smoking can have the same harmful effects as smoking the cigarette yourself. In particular it can lead to hazardous complications for pregnant women, infants and children, causing disease and illness. I’m certain we wouldn’t want our country to be full of sick people in the future, or even worse the smokers had all died, and killed all the non-smokers with them through second-hand smoke.


Ondoy happened again!

Typhoon Pedring struck the Philippines on 27 September 2011, resulting floods all over Manila and the northern part of Luzon. Where there are approximately 43 people died during the flooding.

I took some photos of the flood during the typhoon in front of our building. Opposite is the Pan Pacific Hotel along Adriatico Street in Malate, corner General Malvar Street.

Click here to see the photos!


I am a proud Filipino, I love my country and I love my people, I believe in my new government. But even I can't help but cringe at the ineptness of the people who handled the hostage crisis. I started following it on the news around 2:00 PM and was mildly surprised at how long it has gone on, as it started around mid-morning. As a spectator, the demands of the hostage taker were the first thing I wanted to know. Ex-Police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza wants to know the decision of the Ombudsman on his case. He got embroiled in an extortion charge and was relieved of his duties in 2008. He is set to retire next year and stands to lose his benefits if found guilty. Another demand is his reinstatement to his post. He has been a police officer for 11 years, has received recognitions and citations for doing his job.

In other words, he was a desperate man. How he knew about the tour bus carrying Hong Kong nationals on their last day of a leisure holiday in Manila is beyond everyone. I don't think the investigation has gone that far yet. He hijacked the bus in Fort Santiago and took it to its last destination, the Quirino Grandstand – where just few weeks before, incoming President Noynoy took his oath of office.


This is getting worse.  I thought it was only being silly and will fade away how the country glorified Manny Pacquiao these past few years. Yesterday when I heard the news about giving a high rank to Pacquiao, I despise how things have gone awry in the Philippines. It’s absurd!

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) promoted Manny Pacquiao to Lt. Col. Emmanuel Pacquiao. Really, really?!

If according to the Philippine Constitution anyone can be voted by the officials or appointed by the President of the Philippines to be an official of the government unless this person has at least finished college.

He was enlisted in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army in the rank of Sergeant on April 27, 2006. He was later on promoted to the rank of Technical Sergeant on December 1, 2006.

On October 7, 2007, he was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant for giving distinct honor, not only to the Army and the AFP, but the entire country after defeating Antonio Barrera. He was then elevated to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant on May 4, 2009 as a tribute to him as the World’s No.1 pound-for-pound boxer.

It was said that an honorary degree shouldn’t be used as qualification for top Army officers.

"Let's focus on the honorary degree, which means you did not earn it through academic, hard work and all those kinds of things. An honorary degree means whoever gets it must deserve it. Otherwise, lima singko na lang siya. But whenever lives of people are involved, I don't think honorary degrees should be the qualification," said Prof. Clarita Carlos, former president of the National Defense College of the Philippines.

She also theorized the question: "Would you allow yourself to undergo a surgery from someone who only had an honorary degree? Or would you ride a plane where the pilot has an honorary degree in flying?”

PRIDE. That’s what he’s given the country, and I agree on that. However, it doesn’t mean he has won few World Boxing titles; the AFP will honour him every time by giving Pacquiao all the AFP top ranks. LOL!

Someday, I hope the hearsay about Pacquiao to be the future president of the Philippines won’t eventually happen, or you’ll be knocked out!