ISBN: 978-184624-473-5
£8.99 Paperback
Published on 28th September 2010

manila boy

Patrick Everard

Twenty-something and gay, Blue has sold up his London flat and gone to live in Manila, vibrant capital of the Philippines – home to hustlers, ladyboys, and a notorious criminal underworld. Blue desires sex and adventure, and very quickly he seems to be getting both…by the shovelful. But there are complications, and unwittingly he is being drawn into a very dangerous world where everyone he meets has a murky past. And all these secrets will leave a lasting mark on Blue.

Unaware that he is entering a tornado of emotions, he soon finds himself in loco parentis to an abandoned street kid, and then falling for his very first one-night stand, the gorgeous Troy. Even more complex is Blue’s friendship with Sidney Hamilton, another expat and former West End stage actor, who now spends his time idling between the Philippines and Thailand on his yacht, enjoying a cocktail of rentboys and martinis. Wealthy, generous and thoroughly charming, but are all his stories a little too good to be true? Is there a more sinister side to this court jester? Furthermore, what is Sidney’s relationship with his menacing sidekick Geordie? A mountain of a man and as hard as nails.

Life on the streets of Manila has little value and as events start to turn sour it could ultimately lead Blue to tragedy.